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The Power Of You!

I watched an Instagram video of P.diddy formerly known as Puffy, now Brother Love giving a speech at Howard University's Commencement. Diddy, trying to inspire whatever next generation of leaders into action inspired a thought. Diddy said quite clearly, "there is no rescue team, there is no one coming, there is only you... you have to make a decision that when you fail and fall to your knees you will get back up and remember the power of you. You ARE your own light in the darkness". 
Watch the video for yourself here --->>
The thought? Well, it feels like the moment you realize you've been waiting your entire life to accept something so obvious and so right in front of your face. I've been waiting my whole life for someone to save me from the bullshit I've had to endure, and within the last two years, some doctor to cure me. The ugly truth is, no one is coming and the cure, if ever, is a long way off. Since I was pr…

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